Kidepo Attractions

Visit various attractions such as the Narus Valley, Kidepo Valley, Kanangorok Hot Springs,Mount Morungule and many other hills and valleys and see the lions, elephants, giraffe, zebras and other wild animals.

Tourist Activities

Besides the expected wild game drive across the park where you shall see lions and other animals, you can enjoy activities include hiking trips, sightseeting tours, birdwatching, cultural visits

Where To Stay

There are not so many safari lodges or hotels where you can stay and have a decent meal. The reccommended lodges include, Apoka Lodge, Apoka Rest Camp and Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp.


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January 3, 2017

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June 12, 2013

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June 12, 2013

The Kidepo Valley National Park is among Uganda’s most magnificent parks along the border of Uganda with Southern Sudan in the northeast. It covers 1,442 sq kilometers and offers scenery unparalleled in any other national park within East Africa.A common comment made by the visitors in regards to its scenery is that “It couldn’t be any better!”, and oftentimes the visitors promise and actually return to Kidepo. Hidden into the corner of the border of Uganda with Kenya and South Sudan, this park offers spectacular Savannah landscapes that end in rocky horizon.

This park hosts a great variety of animal species in comparison to any other Ugandan parks. Of the Eighty species recorded in 1971, Twenty eight weren’t known to exist in any other park within Uganda. Carnivore species distinctive to Kidepo are: the Hunting dog, Bat-eared Fox, Cheetah, Striped Hyena, Caracal and the aard Wolf. The more uncommon ungulates are: the greater & Lesser Kudu, roan antelope, Chandler’s mountain Reedbuck, beisa oryx, Klipspringer and Bright’s Gazelle, have been greatly decreased by poachers within the past few years. Among the other big ungulates are: elephants, oribi, burchell’s zebras, Jackson’s hartebeests, bush pigs, bohor reed buck, warthogs, rothschild giraffes, defassa water bucks, cape buffaloes, elands, bush duskiers and bush bucks . Five primate species   are found within the park of which the most endemic is the Kavirondo bush baby. Carnivores existing include Uganda safari lions, side-striped jackals, leopards, black-backed jackals, various small cats as well as spotted hyenas. The simplest to see is the jackals.

The park features a comprehensive avifauna with 465 various species recorded.  The Ostrich as well as the Kori Bustard are as well found there.The park is renowned for its exceptional variety of birds of prey. Out of the Fifty eight recorded Fourteen are thought to be specifically endemic to the Kidepo as well as the Karamoja region. Included in these are: the pygmy Falcon, Varreaux’s Eagle plus the Egyptian Vulture. Also of be aware are Four Hornbills species: the Jackson’s, Yellow-billed plus the Red-billed are distinct to Kidepo as the Giant Abbyssinian ground Hornbill is very common. However, there is no significant survey within Kidepo and Enthusiastic visitors have a better opportunity to add more to the existing list.

This is the sole park within Uganda in which visitors can see both Zebras and Giraffes. Additionally here you can have an opportunity to see the uncommon White Buffaloes plus several other typical wildlife safaris attractions.Chances are high of viewing the tree climbing lions which normally sit up in the sauces trees around Narus valley or by the rock as you enter the Apoka-Headquarter. Additional wildlife includes elephants, leopards, bush duikers, jackals, bush bucks, bush pigs, kavirondo bush babies, buffaloes and a lot more which are sometimes seen from the verandas of Apoka Rest Camp.